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Arctus Standard Poodles

My name is Nina Selvaggi, and I raise and show beautiful white standard poodles in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. My kennel is in Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. Below is a brief introduction to my kennel. Feel free to browse our pages, and if you would like any further information do not hesitate in dropping us a line - either by email or phone.

History of my kennel: The name Arctus was chosen for its allusion to another favorite creature, Arctus marinus, the polar bear, as well as the reference to King Arthur (= arctus, bear) and the legends of that time that include mystical beasts such as unicorns, most often depicted as white with dark points like the white standard poodles I breed. I have done dogs all my life. When I was a tiny 3 year old, I would drive my parents wild by crawling into fenced yards where ferocious guard dogs were chained up: "Nice goggie! Nice goggie!" I was never bitten. The dogs and I understood one another. When I was in high school I had Collies, but just down the block, a neighbor had a great standard poodle, white, named Jacques, at whom I marvelled for his humor, agility, and spirit, and I knew I was headed for these dogs someday. After high school, I got interested in Afghan Hounds for their strange beauty and beautiful coats of any/all colors. (And they are not stupid, as is so often claimed! They just were never bred to please us; they were bred to hunt in packs, live outside together, and to please one another!) In any case, I finally started breeding white standard poodles in 2000, and now, there is no other breed i would consider!.

 Well, enough about me! Please enjoy the remainder of my website.

I Do Not Support the Purposeful Breeding of Mongrels, Such As Labradoodles, Goldendoodles, or the Like.


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